Dani and Sailor

Dani is ...

¨       The morning’s smiling tail at the gate.

¨       The fuzzy head looking over the back of the couch

¨       The nose at the table

¨       The cuddle at the elbow

¨       Distinctive sounding bark

¨       The greeter at the front door

¨       Can smell a show-miles away

¨       Chewing on a Nylabone

¨       A golden retriever in Briard’s fur

¨       The Mum and foster-Mum of the M litters

¨       Brave little “bear” having her ears cropped

¨       “Shows her heart out”

¨       First British-born Briard CGC and HIC

¨       Second British-born Briard AKC CH

¨       Natural crop-ear Briard

¨       Great trainer of the M litters

¨       Great traveler

¨       Nipping at puppy heels

¨       Torpedoing

¨       “Hi, I’m here” elbow nudger

¨       Pack-leader pretender.

¨       At home with Aunt EJ and Uncle Bill

¨       Daughter of Sophie and Danton

¨       Trans-Atlantic flying litter member

¨       Sister of beloved Woofi, Darla, Tasha, Belle, Tomas

¨       Plays with Titch like a 4-year-old

¨       Most social Briard of the Bailywick

¨       Ms. Personality

¨       Loved and cuddled by Peter and Lana

¨       Left us unexpectedly and much too soon…