Memorial -- CH Bailywick Mouton Noir d'Sagi HIC, CGC

Owners: Frank Guglielmo Dr. Joseph Alvaro and Dr. M.Lana Sheer
Breeders: Drs. M. Lana Sheer and J. Peter Jesson

We took him to Central Park via 5th Avenue where he was surrounded by curious onlookers who marveled at his beauty and demeanor. I had a taste of stardom standing next to Noir, paparazzi like. Noir robbed the artist who designed the orange gates in CP, we were thronged with "WHAT KIND OF DOG IS THAT?". He was a large regal Briard, his beauty absolutely commanded attention yet loving, easygoing and loyal. One of our newest neighbors who I don't think even knows our name would jump out of the car and plunge herself into Noir, she could not get enough Noir: Love! Noir was a very large dog but his presence was even larger.
How do you put these feelings into words? - Frank

A great and generous Briard he will be missed by many, especially his family. His magnanimous temperament and love of all radiated from his magical expression. His beautiful conformation and “quick-silver” movement has been passed to his classic progeny.

He was the first Briard that I shared in showing to his Championship which he attained at less than 2 years of age. He finished with a major and BOS over Specials under Judge Virginia Lyne. He gave it all to me. He was a natural herding dog and attained a CGC under Frank’s guiding hand and an HIC with me.
A descendent of Jammer (Jen Harbin) and our Rose,
he barked with a half-British accent. – Lana



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